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Message of the day: You can regain the Carmageddon II Launcher by changing its shortcut target value to "carma2.exe -config"

Carmageddon II Online

As you may or may not know, Carmageddon II has local network multiplayer support. However, you cannot play over the internet. Many have had success with IPX emulators such as Kahn or Kali, but i for one have not.

C2O is a project i have started alone and it's aim is to unleash multiplayer internet support.

The project began early in 2005, but at that time it was a "hit and miss" situation, whereby i could not be sure if i could deliver the whole package. This year (2006) the project has come on leaps and bounds, and many of the obsticles i faced have been overcome. The game itself has an engine which is not only outdated, but also sparsely documented. This puts limitations on what can be done in terms of modifications, but i am confident that i will and have been able able to dig deep enough into heart of Carmageddon II to provide a usable and fun multiplayer environment.

A very good internet buddy of mine, Rax, suggested including my end work with an update to his very successful C2 Advanced modification, and i'm very honored to be included. There is no set date as to when both C2O and the C2 Advanced update will be completed and merged, but any developments, beta tests and general information will be documented on the Masters of Mayhem main news page as well as the Carmageddon II Online section of the forum. Incidently, this forum will also contain a change log so that visitors can get a real insight into how the project is progressing.

In addition to written information, i will also be providing screenshots of the development on the Masters of Mayhem Screenshots section. On a last note, i would like to answer a few of the most commonly asked questions that i have received by e-mail:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is C2O basically converting IPX to TCP/IP?

A: No, C2O completely disregards the multiplayer routines that have been included already. Instead, i have decided to rebuild the game netcode from scratch using the single player game mode as a base. This gives me the maximum amount of freedom to introduce new and exiciting features that are not already available.

Q: How many players will C2O support?

A: Currently, C2O supports up to 4 players (3 clients and one server). At this stage there are no plans to increase this number, since my focus is on quality rather than quantity. It is quite likely that a patch will be released in the future to support more players though.

Q: Are pedestrians supported in multiplayer?

A: Yes, not only will you be able to play with pedestrians on the map, but there will also be an option to synchronize their positions will other players in the game.

Q: What game modes will be available in C2O?

A: Two modes are 100% confirmed at this stage, which include Standard Racing and Pedestrian Panic. Pedestrian Panic is a mode whereby each participant must try to kill as many peds as they can. Other modes including Free For All and Knockout Racing are also in the pipeline.

Q: Can you play C2O with addon cars and tracks?

A: Yes, both addon cars and tracks are supported. This is aided by a file transfer system which can automatically send required cars or tracks to a player who does not have them installed.

Q: Will C2O come with cheat detection, like PunkBuster?

A: C2O will have it's own integrated anti-cheat system to check cars, tracks and game files for modifications. All players must pass this check in order to play.

Q: Is dedicated server supported?

A: Although it has been noted as a possibility, dedicated server support it unlikely to be possible due to the lack of documentation available for the Carmageddon II game engine.

Q: Will C2O have a spectator camera?

A: Yes, a spectator mode is available in C2O. It is automatically started when you complete a race or get wasted, it can also be enabled manually. You will be able to toggle between internal and free roam camera positions.

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